just making things

“just setting up this site.”

… and migrating what I already built in the past. so now it’s somewhat of a personal page with a posts section.

this is free flow writing, it’s also pretty late/early, so excuse any typos.

i don’t intend for this to become a regular blog or publication, but rather a playground. i like tinkering with technologies, and this is an outlet.

why i’ve set this up: i love browsing the web and finding people's writing. there’s so many hidden gems in the posts or blog or projects sections of most websites, it’s incredible.

that’s how most people start out, i believe: they just make things they find interesting. and put them on the web somewhere. some then write about it. this allows you to dive deeper. understand motivations, beliefs, plans, struggles. it adds nuance, it adds depth. i love that. because no one starts out as a finished product. seeing different projects compound makes someone's journey a lot more tangible.

over time, i’ll write about things i find intriguing, have learned, or have built. there likely won’t be a common theme, and that’s the point. i'm hoping this will live on for a long time — provided i don't let the domain expire.

for as long as i can remember, i’ve loved writing. it helps me think. it often reveals things i don’t consciously think of. journaling / writing / “typing on the computer” is probably the single most valuable habit i’ve ever started. i can re-live any moment whenever i want.

putting my writing out for the world to see was something i was never comfortable with. i guess overcoming that and wanting to “make more things” is what made me build this on a saturday/sunday night.

why make things? firstly, you simply won’t improve if you don’t put in reps. if i look at designs / code / writing from the past i’m usually embarrassed — good! secondly, it’s fun. code/media aren’t going anywhere in the future, so that should help. :)

ending this with a quote from creativity, inc. (after ~3 years of wanting to i’ve finally gotten around to reading it)

Creativity has to start somewhere, and we are true believers in the power of bracing, candid feedback and the iterative process – reworking, reworking, and reworking again, until a flawed story finds it throughline or a hollow character finds its soul.

see you next time 👋

— lk, jan 17

→ for reference: this page is built using next.js, tailwind.css, hosted on github, and deployed to vercel.