on creating

“dedicated to: ”

there’s something incredibly special about the dedication section of a book. or an artwork. anything really. it’s a glimpse into the mind of who made it. it lets you see whether they add kids, spouses, friends, parents, a quote, and sometimes… sometimes it’s just blank.

i don’t know why, but i find there’s a certain aesthetic to whether they use initials, full names, or add a heart-felt sentence.

the appeal probably comes from wanting to empathise with their journey. it’s so much more than what’s in the book. it’s who made the book. who they were at the time. how they created the world about which they write.

and the dedication section? it’s what keeps them going. at least i’d like to believe so. in the moments when they couldn’t write anymore, when they wanted to just start over but didn’t, when nothing seemed to add up.. that’s what kept them going.

it’s a view into their darkest hours. and their brightest. maybe some don’t care at all — but it adds nuance for me.

these lines aren’t well thought through, but Surya’s tweet ↗ made me think a little bit. don’t we all have something or someone that keeps us going in those moments? don't we also, sometimes, take inspiration from the most random of things? creating is hard, but it’s also incredibly fun. and seeing someone put their heart out and truly come alive is beautiful.

i’ve tried to take a moment and take in those ~little things~ a bit more consciously recently. this is just one example, but there’s a lot more in everything around us every day. just watch :)

— feb 1, 00:37